Saturday, June 25, 2011

ninie azriena 1st giveaway : kau muzik dihatiku

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

sharing number 53
this one just for join the contest by ninie azriena .. due date 30 July 2011 . just suka-suka cuba =)

STEP 1 :

must follow her blog  Ninie Azriena  : DONE ninie !! =)

STEP 2 :
copy banner and make a new entry here. : DONE ninie !! =)

STEP 3 :

put the title of  " ninie azriena 1st giveaway: kau muzik dihatiku " for this entry : DONE ninie !! =)

STEP 4 :

add the song that relate with my life that give a big meaning for me : DONE ninie !! =)

by Maher Zain : Open Your Eyes

Meaning for me : 
because of Allah .. when I hear this song, it can make me cry because I can't see all the things that already Allah give to us.  really touch my heart and I hope, Allah will give me a chance to be a good hamba Allah. InsyaAllah.

by Hafiz Hamidun and Irsyadee  : Taubat seorang hamba

Meaning for me : 
this song also touch my heart.  I really hope that Allah will give me a chance to be better.  and I always hope Allah give us as Muslim a chance to apologize.

STEP 5 :
Tag 2 friends of me : DONE ninie !! =)


percubaan itu penting dalam mengejar kejayaan
"lahirkanlah keikhlasan daripada hatimu"


ninie_azriena said...

nice song dear..
tanks sgt2 join tau (n_n)

cx's said...

most welcum ninie .. thanks to you to cuz give me a chance to join it!! =)