Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reddish GiveAway : Saya Nak Sarawak Souvenir!

Assalammualaikum. w.b.t

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hello everyone! today for this entry, I would like to join giveaway from princessredbloodsnow .. so, let's go~

STEP 1 :
create a new entry for this title " Reddish GiveAway : Saya Nak Sarawak Souvenir! "

STEP 2 :
put banner given 
click banner if you want to join it

STEP 3 :
submit your entry's link to owner's box comment

p/s : the winner will be choose by LUCKY DRAW process
p/s : only 5 bloggers will be selected!
p/s : duedate will be 30th June 2011

thanks to the owner for give me a chance to join your GA. =)

the next GA wait for me
"lahirkanlah keikhlasan daripada hatimu"


Redbloodsnow said...

good luck ek :) thanx for joining ^_- sorry late terjah ur entry. pasalnya baru berkesempatan skrg :D

cx's said...

tq redbloodsnow for give me a chance to join it. =)